About Us

Welcome to Al-Aqsa Institute of Minnesota

AqsaLogo1.pngAl-Aqsa Institute is a community service organization, incorporated under the laws of the State of Minnesota , by Arab-American peoples, Muslim and Christian alike, that promotes and works for a positive, well-informed awareness of the Middle East focusing attention on Palestine , its history, its people, its culture and its reality.

Its members seek to identify with oppressed peoples and to embrace victims of oppression, to resist discrimination, racism and the degradation of human life and rights and to be an unrelenting instrument on behalf of human dignity. They, in particular, seek recognition and validation of the human narrative to vindicate the suffering of the Palestinian people to render them part of an inclusive human history.

 Its members believe that the time has come for Muslims, Christians and Jews to begin to dialogue, to pursue new avenues for peace with justice, and to discover the common denominator on which their shared humanity can act for peacemaking. The basis for such dialogue is in the belief that all are human beings with equal rights without one side dominating over the other. They honor all who stand for the poor, the dispossessed, the oppressed, the powerless and all who witness courageously to a vision of political and social change in the cause of peace and justice in Palestine and Israel.


The Vision statements are what keep us moving forward. They paint a picture of the future and show us what that future will look like if we are successful:

In our vision, we see:

  • Average American obtaining, at least,  the very basic understanding of the Palestinian – Israeli conflict;
  • Creating an alternative un-biased media among the communities in Minnesota;
  • Accomplishing bridges of understanding and peace with communities in Minnesota;
  • Stopping the unfair support to the Israeli occupation financially and politically;
  • Having a heard voice inside Congress and Senate.


The Mission describes the overall purpose of our Institute. This is what the Institute was formed to accomplish:

“Our mission is to promote the cultural and educational aspects of the Palestinian community, and to build bridges of understanding and peace with other Minnesota communities.”