Talent Audition

Assalamu Alikom (Peace be upon all of you);

Al-Aqsa Institute & AMP would like to invite our local community to participate in auditioning (individual or group talents) for a potential inclusion in the upcoming Palestine Day on March 30, 2019..
The auditions will take place at Al-Aqsa Office (7711 Humboldt Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55444) on Sunday, March 3, 2019 @ 1pm-3pm.
Some suggestions of the talents include, but not limited to, Poetry, Nasheed, skits, plays, stand-up comedy, movie clip, speech, beautiful voice in Quran recitation.. etc.
Due to the limited available slots in the Palestine Day.. Top, talented and creative auditions will be picked to participate in Palestine Day.
Please, contact us at info@aqsamn.org to inform us of your coming and the talent that you want to present. There is no age limit to participate in the audition. The talent should be related to our theme this year (The heist of the century)
Language: English or Arabic
If interested please email us ASAP with the following info:
Name of participant(s):
Duration (not to exceed 4min):
Brief description of talent:

P.S.: *Audition Day is Sunday, March 03, 2019,* while Palestine Day is
Saturday – March 30, 2019
* The judging committee reserves the right to turn down repeated performances.